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Our Journey: I didn’t choose the ZEN life, the ZEN life chose me.

Corny I know, but there is an element in truth to this. Whilst the world has become more open about mental health and the importance of self-care, I wasn’t always so comfortable talking with my friends and family. Instead I turned to holistic healing, alongside candles. There I found a world that didn’t promise cures, but enabled me to create a safe space within my own bedroom to breathe, and slow down in this fast world in which we live. 

I went travelling around the world in 2019 with my boyfriend, and with my kindle consumed every book possible on everything from women’s health to crystals. While I’ve always been passionate about all things holistic, I never really thought of myself as someone who lived within that world. But as I began to understand more, I realised that I had labelled that part of my life as being something that didn’t fit me, but it did! I could create my own definition for who I was and how I chose to heal. While this may not sound like a big discovery, for me it allowed me to dream of what my own hub of ZEN would look like. 

Then 2020 hit, and while travelling in Sri Lanka we realised the world was about to stop, and we would need to stop with it. Being forced to stop had many challenges, but it gave me and my partner a chance to laugh over my dream of creating my own business focused on candles and beautiful scents. As we stopped laughing and instead started to see my dream as more of a reality, we looked into some of my favourite candle brands and realised how their products weren’t as good for the planet or our health as I had hoped.

I get it, a brand name is important to a lot of people, and sometimes so is a cheaper product, but we asked ourselves whether they were really the best options for a healthy body and a sustainable planet, and were convinced about the answer. So we decided to do some further research and began experimenting with 100% natural wax and scents, trying to find a combination that was not only beautiful for our mind, but our bodies and the planet too. Six months later, here we are.

As a naturally introverted person, it’s not easy to put yourself out there, to create something in the safety and the comfort of your kitchen, turn it into a small business and then to put it out into the world, but I truly believe in my products, and hope they bring you your own little piece of ZEN. 

Welcome to THE ZEN HUB.

Alice x