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Our Story and Products
Founder Alice, has always been a lifelong lover of candles and reed diffusers, as well as being passionate about mindfulness and wellbeing. Under the belief that those two parts of her life worked in tandem, Alice was shocked to learn the truth behind some of the big brand candle companies she loved, and how the scents and waxes used in many candles weren’t as good for her health or the environment as she had been led to believe. Alice and her small team, made it their mission to create a natural, eco-friendly range of products which had wellness benefits. Products that everyone could enjoy in the comfort of their own homes. 

THE ZEN HUB candles are lovingly hand-crafted using only natural soy vegetable wax, derived from the oil of soybeans, and 100% natural essential oils. 

THE ZEN HUB diffusers are hand-poured using the same natural essential oil blends, along with an eco base derived from renewable sources. Both the candles and the diffusers are carefully crafted to formulate a special blend focused on restoring emotional wellbeing.

To learn more about our process to get to this point 'Our Journey: I didn't choose the ZEN life, the ZEN life chose me'

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