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smudge stick on white tray displayed on white marble background

Smudge Stick

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A smudge stick composed of sustainably harvested dried California white sage. 

Packaged in a re-usable and eco-friendly cotton bag, this Smudge Stick would be the perfect gift to yourself or a loved one. 

Here at THE ZEN HUB we believe in creating moments of stillness to enable you to clear your mind. Spending a few moments by lighting this smudge stick, gives you the space to focus on the present; to meditate, manifest or focus on affirmations.  

Designed to deflect and remove negative energies and create a calm and relaxing environment, the practise of 'smudging' increases your sense of well-being and is known to have many benefits such as; helping to dispelling negative energies carried from others. Cleansing and purifying benefits to an object, or new home. Relieving bad experiences such as trauma and stress and improving mental focus, energy, sleep.

How to use? 

Before you light your smudge stick, start by opening doors and windows. Light the tip of the stick, allowing the flames to catch slightly. Then blow out the flames so there are just a few small embers lit which will smoke gently. The stick is then waved from side to side around a room, object or person as a cleansing and purifying ritual. The smoke from the smudge stick will then be drawn out by the air from the open window, which allows the unwanted energy you are trying to release to escape. To extinguish simply run under water and allow to fully dry before each use. Please act with caution when using, as dealing with fire and smoke. Ensure the smudge stick is fully extinguished before leaving it unaccompanied and keep away from children. 

Each Smudge Stick is approximately 10cm in length.